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DS Breath & Movement classes

Before you start to read this blog, take a moment to take a full, slow, deep breath in.... and then slowly, gently, calmly let this breath out... There is a magical moment when you exhale and your whole body fully connects with your breath, your muscles relax and you feel the healing process start happening.

Through out the years at Dance Stables we value and incorporate mindfulness movement in our dance classes and have really witnessed the benefits. Our very own DS Director Cara Louise Horsley has taken her movement education to the next level. Cara has recently completed a Breath Coach training, with The Whole Health Project and currently working towards MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy, at Roehampton University.

During the last year of lockdowns and restrictions, we at Dance Stables have created our online platform, to continue to provide our regular dance classes to our DS community. Our DS Families have also had the opportunity to join our NEW Breath & Movement Classes, and here is the feedback from the DS children:

"I love that I can go everywhere with my imagination"

Visualisation when practicing is an effective way to focus on your own personal journey, by allowing our brain to create images of places that helps us to achieve a sense of calmness, creativity and inner peace. During the class, Cara guides you through visualisations to enhance the effectiveness of breathing techniques, where imagination has no limits.

You will leave feeling more relaxed than ever before.


‘"I like that I can share anything that comes to my head and there is no wrong answer."

We are true believers that there is not a wrong or right way only your way. The class consists an interactive part where students can share their thoughts and feelings - "How are you feeling today?" A moment to 'check-in', which we think is especially important in today's changing climate. We aim to create a friendly environment, where there is no judgement and everyone has their own voice.


"It feels good when we are stretching our muscles."

Here is where breath meets movement. It is proven that by implementing the use of correct breathing during exercise improves the function of the muscles and assists to safe dance practice. Cara has created a series of dynamic stretches that targets strength, shapes and positions that improve balance and co-ordination, and gentle stretches to improve flexibility fused with breathing techniques.


It is so impressive to hear our DS superstars acknowledge the power of breathing and make weekly progress for their physical and mental well-being.

Every Saturday we offer Breath & Movement Classes for all the DS members, currently at 12.45pm online via Zoom. These are FREE with any booking for our online classes, or can be booked individually, via our DS website. You can also book 1-2-1 sessions with Cara via her website.

Would you like to include regular Breath & Movement classes at our DS Academies, when we start back in the Summer term? If so, please do get in touch so we can register your interest. And most importantly, please don’t forget to take a moment today ... to just BREATH.

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