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Dance Bag Essentials!

Our DS list of essential things to pack in your dance bag.

Dancers spend a lot of hours in a dance studio, either having classes back to back or many hours of rehearsals. That’s why we carry so many things with us! In this blog we are going to list some of the most important items you need to carry in your dance bag.

1. Dance Shoes

Because how can you dance without them?! Make sure that you’re always carrying your ballet shoes in your bag. If you’re a street dancer, try to bring extra clean shoes in the studio. And if you’re a contemporary dancer make sure that you bring one (or two!) pair of socks with you. Have you seen the NEW Dance Stables Shoe Bags? Go check them on our website!

2. Water

Dancers need to stay hydrated so they can carry on dancing. By drinking enough water your brain and your body are ready to exercise and you reduce fatigue. Make sure you bring your own water bottle in the studio and always wait for the teacher to give you a water break; they know when is the right time for you to have a couple of sips (for example after jumps, not before).

3. Hair Bands and Hair Clips

It doesn’t matter if your hair is long, medium or short, always make sure that your hair is away from your face. In this way you can focus better and you can use your facial expressions as well. Plus it looks super neat for good presentation in class.

4. Extra Clothes

These are essential, especially if you’re spending a lot of time in the studio. You will always have a back up in case you get sweaty, and to change between your dance styles. Want to add to your DS wardrobe? Check out whats currently on offer in our online shop!

5. Deodorant

Also essential, because smelling nice makes us feel comfortable around others. Try to avoid strong scents and always apply it outside of the studio, as some of your fellow dancers might have breathing difficulties.

6. Tissues / Wet Wipes

Tissues are a must in any bag you’re carrying and if you have a pack in your dance bag it saves you from many trips in the toilet. Also, wet wipes are very useful especially if you’re a contemporary dancer who dances bare feet and who wants her/his feet to feel clean and fresh after class.

WOW! What a list! There are so many things dancers should carry in their bags, and that was to name only a few!

Can you think of any more? What do you always carry in your dance bag?

Let us know in the comments below! :) and remember, KEEP DANCING!

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