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The Importance of Dance in Education

Here at Dance Stables, we are lucky enough to work with a number of fantastic schools that understand what an essential and fundamental inclusion Dance is within education. We thought we’d take a moment to explore the variety of brilliant benefits dance offers to young development.

Dance to communicate

Dance is more than just a way of exercising and entertainment, it is a way of communicating. As new-borns, before we can even talk, we are able to dance. Yes, it might just be an unsteady bum wiggle, but the instinct is there nonetheless! Put a piece of music on and toddlers will naturally groove. So if a child can learn movement patterns as easily as they can learn a language, why don’t we encourage this more?

Dance to develop skills

Through dance, children can gain a multitude of important developments; sensory and spatial awareness, coordination, concentration and mobility. But more than this, we use it to express emotions, increase confidence or even just to make ourselves feel better! Schools can put a large focus on academic subjects, don't forget about the physical! We love it when we can bring dance in to other core curriculum subjects, to cater for all ways of learning.

Dance to create

Dance can be a challenging both physically and academically. Dance engages the artistic processes of creating, performing and critical analysis. This requires a vast number of skills such as the ability to read symbols, implement critical thinking, nonverbal reasoning and expression, create and exchange ideas, work in collaboration with others, and understand different culture and societies. We encourage this analysis and critical thinking in all of our lessons, asking children questions like - “can you explain how you are moving?” “why did you like your classmates dance?” “What would you do to make it even better?”

Dance to relieve stress

Basic dance skills can affect improvement and progress in all areas of daily life too, so whether it be for a dance career to for your general wellbeing, dance is important. At times of increased stress, i.e school exams, we believe it is vital for children to continue, if not increase, their dance classes and amount of time moving. This gives children a chance to process their work, as well as take a well deserved break.

Dance to focus

Now, I can understand if you think that we may be somewhat biased (and we are) but luckily, the research backs us up! Arts research has shown that students who study dance are more self-motivated, disciplined and focused. They are more expressive in their communication of emotions, thoughts and feelings. They are able to critically analyse their own work and the work of others, as well as being more creative and imaginative.

Dance for the future

At a time when children spend their time more and more in front of a computer or television, the escape Dance offers has never been more important. Hopefully, one day Dance will be viewed as part of the bedrock of a broad and balanced education, with all children exposed to the richness that an art-based education offers. Encouraging creative ambition prepares for a culture relevant future. Instilling this in children now forges the path for our future generations. It is a school’s job to demonstrate what the arts can offer in terms of development, challenge and a full education, which allows for more versatile career paths.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our dancing schools for believing in our Dance Stables ethos, and giving their children the chance to grow and learn through dance Want to hear more about what we can offer schools? Get in touch and we would be happy to have a chat.

Stanburn Primary School, Harrow

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