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Wanderlust - A DS Show That Left Us Filled With Wonderment!

Dance Stables' Summer Show, ‘Wanderlust’, Artsdepot

Saturday 9th June 2018.

Last month, 150 talented Dance Stables students took to the stage in the show of the Summer, ‘Wanderlust’. Taking place in the beautiful 395 seat theatre at Artsdepot, the DS Dancers performed a range of dances showcasing an unbelievable variety of styles, ability and professionalism.

The show was centred around the idea of ‘Wanderlust’, the desire to travel and experience different places and cultures. Considering that, at the time, London was somewhat grey and gloomy, this was just the injection of holiday feel good that we needed!

The opening performance played with the idea that we were onboard a flight ready to depart for our holiday and this is exactly the feeling conveyed throughout the show. A whirlwind journey each stop as fantastic as the last. We experienced the vibrant, energetic spirit of Brazil with dynamic, bold movements and lively coloured costumes, to the delicate, elegance of France through Ballet, scarves and of course, Berets! Each dance saw the essence of that country captured in the dancer’s movements and style so perfectly that we could nearly feel the sunshine from our seats!

Despite the young age of the DS performers (some of them as little as 3 years old) the confidence and competence held by all was clear from the first steps on stage. The older, more experienced dancers performed challenging routines that saw their expertise and capabilities put to the test. All performed to an outstanding level.

During the two act show, we were flown from France to Argentina, a trip to Hawaii, a visit to Australia, India, Brazil even a foot-stomping stop in Ibiza! The dance styles ranged from Street to Ballet, Contemporary to Ballroom and everything in between. The creative choreography demonstrated in each dance made the show a pleasure to watch, we didn’t want it to end!

We see big things in these dancer’s future so be sure to get yourself to the next Dance Stables show and see some stars in the making!

Missed the action or simply want to relive it? Get your show DVD now...

Filmed by H K Vincent.

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