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A Day in the Life of a DS Kid - Summer Workshops!

Summer’s here and that means two things; no more school AND time for the Dance Stables Summer Workshops!

We can not wait to get started from Monday 23rd July 2018. Workshops are for boys and girls aged 3-12 years, in 3 locations across North London; Enfield, Wood Green and Palmers Green.

Take a look at what a day in the life of one of the DS kids attending our Summer Workshop would look like...

(please note that this is an example of a Workshop day, timings and activities will vary!)

🕑 8am

I’m too excited to sleep any longer so I decide to wake everyone up so we can start getting ready to go to the Dance Stables Summer Workshop today. I love the summer holidays. NO MORE SCHOOL. I get to spend the day dancing and drawing with my friends. All my favourite things. I have a big bowl of weetabix so I’ve got plenty of energy then get ready to spend my day boogying!

🕑 10am

I arrive at the workshop and see that loads of my friends are already there. I run in and find a space with them at the table while we wait for everyone else. We start with our dance class - my favourite! We do a warm up and then learn lots of different exercises. I love this part because we get to do cool new moves and all to really funky music. We also get to play some really fun Drama games, which help us get to know each other and work as big, friendly team!

🕑 11.00am

We have a quick break because we’ve been dancing non-stop! I have a big drink of water and a little snack I brought in my pack lunch so that I don’t get too tired. But I’m soon ready to get moving again!

🕑 11.30am

This is the really fun part, we get to make up our very own dances. I love this because I’ve got so many great moves and ideas. We are told to work with a partner to come up with our routine. We have some time to practice and make sure we can remember all the moves before we get to perform it to the rest of the class. Everyone’s is really good and we do a big clap at the end for each person.

🕑 12.15pm

LUNCH TIME! We sit at the table together and everyone gets out their packed lunches, I’ve got some yummy things in mine. I chat to the teachers and the other kids while I eat my lunch and think about all the exciting stuff we’ll do this afternoon.

🕑 12.45pm

Now it’s time to learn a brand new dance. We all find a space to make sure we can do all the moves and our teacher shows up the different steps. These dances are always a bit tricky but we work really hard and everyone can do them brilliantly after a few practices. I’m going to remember it so that I can show my family later, I think they’ll be really impressed.

🕑 1.30pm

The last thing we do is some colouring in which is good because I need a bit of a rest after all the dancing! We get to design our very own dance costumes that we would wear to perform one of our routines. I colour mine in very carefully with lots of bright colours.

🕑 2.00pm

Now it’s time to go home, but I really want to stay and dance some more. At least I get to come again tomorrow!

Dance Stables Summer Workshops are taking place in from Monday 23rd to Friday 27th July 2018, and on Tuesday 7th August 2018!


Monday 23rd to Friday 27th July 2018

Time : 10.00am-2.00pm

Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th July 2018

Time : 10.00am-2.00pm

PALMERS GREEN - See our Workshop info!

One Day Special! Tuesday 7th August 2018


(Included in the workshop price, is full use of the Soft Play area from 9.30-1.00pm at KB02 Events - before and after our DS Workshop. Dance Stables class will commence at 11.00am.)

To book your place, email us at or call us on 07931 012 052.

We look forward to starting your Summer with you!

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