5 Dance Myths Busted

There’s a lot of false information around when it comes to dancing, so we, at Dance Stables, thought it was about time we set the record straight. We’ve picked out some common myths about dance and are here to tell you the real truths.

MYTH #1: “Some people can’t dance”

As teachers, this is a myth we hear all too often. “I can’t dance”, “I have two left feet”, “I’ve got no rhythm/coordination” - and we simply don’t believe it!

Professional dancers weren’t born triple pirouetting, just as mathematicians weren’t born knowing long division, or pilots already knowing how to fly a plane. Every skill imaginable requires lessons and practice.

Admittedly, certain things like dance comes more naturally to some than others, but that shouldn’t stop you. We have an endless supply of rhythm, moves, timing and confidence to give you, all you need to do is stock up! This may not make you the next Darcey Bussell, but it can certainly help you to survive, if not shine on the dance floor.

So forget the right and wrong, dance is about enjoyment. You may get the steps wrong, you might even fall over occasionally, but the main thing is to have fun with it. One word of advice - if you ever get stuck, just keep moving - a motto often spoken in our Dance Stables classes.

Our DS kids at our Summer Workshops 2017

MYTH #2: “If you’re flexible, you don’t need to warm-up”

Even if you are able to do the splits every which way and hit yourself in the face with a high kick, that doesn’t mean you can skip the warm-up! A good warm-up isn’t about increasing flexibility, it’s about avoiding injury. By gradually increasing your body temperature, you are preparing for the class ahead which means moving with less stress and strain on your muscles and joints.

A warm-up doesn’t have to be anything too strenuous, in fact, it should be the opposite. You want to feel ready and focused rather than exhausted before you even start the first exercise. So just gently increase mobility; a little jog or stretch of different areas of the body will do.

And don’t forget the cool down either! This is just as important to decrease the heat of your body and ease muscle soreness and promote recovery after exercise, you’ll be glad you did it the following day!

Our DS Academy Islington warming up with our teacher Jazmin.

MYTH #3: “Dancing is just for girls”

Nope, nope, nope! Some of the best dancers in the world are male. This myth is completely untrue and unfortunately keeps many potentially successful male dancers undiscovered. We are proud to have many DS boys, of all ages, at our academies, clubs and classes, as well as male DS teachers. Who we think's just fantastic, and inspiring to the next generation of dancers.

Really, the key to dance is athleticism - as you can see from the high, flying jumps, incredible balance and impossible turns and spins dancers are able to do. If anything, it can be a little superhuman. Some would even argue that dancers manage more than athletes ever could - I wonder if Usain Bolt could do a triple pirouette?