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Supporting our Local Businesses

At Dance Stables, we are super lucky to connect with so many families across North London and Hertford. We are so appreciative of the support you offer us and we love dancing with you each week.

We want to show our support to our DS Families who run their own businesses. We are here to support you too so let us know what we can do! In this blog, we will highlight some local businesses in our dance community, who are providing services and support during this lockdown. These include Opera Ice Cream - home deliveries, Performing Creations - drum tutition and Sophias Diary - community group.

As a small business ourselves, we love this guide to how you can show your support to small businesses. ❤️🙏🏽

Opera Ice Cream

Opera Ice Cream sells homemade, locally sourced ice cream, brownies and lemonade with London Farmers' market and Alexandra Palace Farmers' Market ( They currently hold a 5 Star food hygiene rating with Haringey Council (…/538484-opera-ice-cr…).

Every Friday and Saturday they will make deliveries to your home at an agreed time frame, and they use locally sourced ingredients where possible. An absolute favourite with DS Director Cara, is their Strawberry Ice cream and original brownies! So so delicious, creamy and full of fruit! The whole of their product line is really great and we know you will love them! ❤️

The products and prices (correct at time of publish) on offer are as follows (a minimum order of £15 is required with no extra cost for delivery):

ICE CREAM: Flavours available are: Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla Triple Chocolate Chip, Raspberry, Strawberry, Vanilla brownie chunk and Salted Caramel Pots are approximately 12OZ The cost is £4.50 per tub or 3 for £12.

SORBET (new to the order list!): Homemade raspberry or strawberry sorbet (vegan). Sorbet uses more fruit than ice cream so is slightly more expensive. The cost is £5.50 per tub or 3 for £15.

BROWNIES: brownies come in two flavours: original and salted caramel. Brownies are £2 each, 2 for £3.50, 3 for £5, or 4 for £6

LEMONADE (Original or Raspberry): lemonade is a big hit with customers at Ally Pally Farmers Market. Each bottle contains between 5-7 lemons and has only 6-7% sugar (a bottle from Tesco's for example usually has 20%). 1 Litre bottles are £5, 2 for £9.50 or 3 for £13

Follow them on Instagram for more info -

Contact us with your order, full address and mobile number at to place your order!

Opera Ice Cream is run by the parents of Olivia, who attends our Wood Green Academy. We have also teamed up with mum Kerry, to choreograph with her local choirs too.

Performing Creations

Performing Creations are providing online drums and percussion lessons, for all ages. Now is the perfect time to learn a new skill, and Alberto is such a fantastic teacher. We love music at Dance Stables, and this is a chance to learn how to create your own musical rhythms in a fun, energetic way.

“Music washes away the dust of every day life” - Art Blakey

Follow them on Instagram for more info -

Performing Creations is run by the parents of Dante, who attends our Wood Green Academy. Eliza, Dante’s mum, is also one of our valued, wonderful DS Teachers too.

Sophia‘s Diary

Sophia‘s Diary are so excited to announce that Sophia's Diary's Lockdown Guide is Out!!

They have ideas for everything and everyone. Babies, Primary School, Lifestyle, Fitness, Business, Party Ideas, Community Information & More. Our Dance Stables Online classes get a mention in here too!

Andrea runs Sophia‘s Diary, a local community group, and we have been lucky enough to be nominated for two years in a row for “Best Dance School” at their annual awards ceremony.

Follow their Instagram at

We would love to hear from more DS Families too, and share and support your businesses. Please email us at to be included in our next blog. There are so many wonderful people, doing such wonderful things in our local community, and we really want to help spread the word.

As always, stay safe and well, and keep dancing! 💃🏽

Please remember we are in it together! ❤️🌈

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