Conversations to have with our children about race and culture.

Dance is an art-form to lead by example. Through Dance, we share our past history and ideas for the future.  Dance can help us heal and connect with others.   Creating and teaching dance allows us to connect with ourselves, our heritage, our culture and create valuable relationships. 

We at Dance Stables, are privileged to connect with many children and families through dance and the arts. We strive to create a nurturing and supportive space of equal opportunity for your children. We as educators, teamed up with our supportive DS parents and schools, have a responsibility to teach the future generations about the importance of love, equality,  freedom and self-identity.  We can’t think a better time than now, when the whole world is taking time to reflect and absorb crucial information, to share our ethos and perspective of Dance in Education, in regards to race and cultural identity. 


It starts from home 

While preparing our children for the outside world, it is essential to have open discussions about race and differences they will encounter. We are all born with similarities and differences, and we should celebrate these beautiful aspects about ourselves and others. Allow children to notice and accept differentiation and individuality, starting with themselves and then others. This in turn feeds into the dance class, where we encourage children to be proud of the things that make them individual and to share these with their peers. 

“Share our similarities, celebrate our differences”


Diverse friendship circles 

Toddlers at nursery will naturally create friendships having one thing in common : PLAY TIME! Setting the example from home, to create friendships based on the similar interests rather than  by race, shapes and looks is really important. Help your children to identify the qualities of a good friend and encourage your child to look for these qualities. This will educate them to always make a conscious decision when it comes to relationships, social interactions and group work. At Dance Stables we are very inclusive, with lots of diversity amongst our children, and strongly believe that everyone should and can have the opportunity to dance. Everyone is always welcome!