Keep Dancing in your Home Schooling!

What a fantastic job your children have done, by adapting to change of home schooling! We are so proud of you! With such uncertain times, it can be easy to think that students need all the time possible to put in extra school work, perhaps even giving up Dance classes to make room? We know how important studying is but here at Dance Stables we believe that Dance, physical and arts educations should also have its place on the timetable too. In fact, there are many reasons you should keep dancing and exercising, especially during this period of Lockdown...

Having to stop things that you enjoy, such as Dance, doesn’t necessarily mean you will be more disciplined with your studies. Dance can actually help with studying by managing stress and improving focus. Exercise allows for creativity and provides a release from what might be, an otherwise, very stressful time. Not only that, but exercise is shown to significantly improve our mood, whether that’s through the music, being outdoors or the endorphins we get from moving our bodies!

What’s more, movement and the resultant impact it has on our joints when we are younger helps to set up good bone density for life. Whereas sitting down the majority of the time, or even for long periods, does that opposite and is actually detrimental to our bones and joints.

One of the main problems is that Dance is often conveyed as an ‘extra-curricular’ activity that can be stopped when necessary to focus on ‘more important subjects’. At a time when statistics are showing that the majority of children in the UK are not meeting the government’s recommendations for exercise, the last thing we should be doing is swapping exercise for further study.

Dance and exercise is social. It has a great way of bringing people together, connecting with friends and making new friends too. Whether its a run in the park or an online dance lesson, we can guarantee that there will be so many smile, and lots to talk about over dinner that evening! It helps build a community, who will share these memories together for years to come.

While achieving good results in school work is undeniably important, continuing with your dance classes could just help by relieving stress, giving your children a sense of normality and even boost those all-important grades!

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Stay safe! Keep dancing! :)

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