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5 ways that DANCE is good for you!

Dancing makes us feel good, and here’s some reasons why! Never has there been a better time to join a Dance class (online) and to to get your groove on!

It doesn’t matter if it’s the Cha Cha slide, Classical Ballet or even the Macarena, dancing makes us feel good! But not only do we get a buzz from throwing some shapes, dancing also has great health perks. It can improve our fitness, mental health, even just our general happiness!

”Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to DANCE in the rain” -

During this uncertain time of national lockdown, we believe that this quote sings true! Now could be the perfect time to get back into dancing or even start your dancing journey. We, at Dance Stables, strongly believe that now is the time! “

Not that we need more reasons to get boogying, but check out just 5 of the many benefits that DANCE brings below...

1. It’s a workout

Dancing can not only massively improve our cardiovascular health, but it can also increase our stamina, flexibility, balance, agility, coordination, muscle strength…..we could go on! Unlike other exercises, such as running on a treadmill which targets our cardiovascular endurance, Dance does this as well as targeting muscular endurance and flexibility. So let’s get our bodies moving!

2. It’s enjoyable

If exercise isn’t enjoyable, we’re more likely to avoid it - not the case when it comes to dancing! People dance for the love of it, in and out of class. Having a bit of a dance can release feel-good hormones such as serotonin and endorphins which leave us feeling happy. This in turn triggers positive energy and good vibes! There’s nothing like dancing to your favourite song - on stage, in the studio or even in your bedroom!

3. We get to be sociable

Dance is one form of exercise that doesn’t require you to pop in your headphones and zone out from everything around you. It encourages the opposite; to work with others, move with others. You can’t go to a Dance class without a connection with someone. We are loving getting to see all our Dance Stables family at our DS Online classes - we miss seeing everyone in the studio each week, and this is certainly the next best thing. Sharing stories and experiences through movement and talk in a dance class is something very special, and we couldn’t recommend it enough! Another perk of our online classes, is that we get to connect with people all around the world! Dance is very much international and we love to be together with our dance family worldwide.

4. It’s inclusive

One of the most wonderful things about Dance is that anyone can do it. A dance class isn’t a place to be judged, it’s a place to feel free to move your body the way you want to and feel good doing it. Whatever your experience or level, there is a dance class for you. It’s all about the joy of moving, and moving your body in a way to meet your body’s needs. Contact us to find out the best class for you on our online timetable, as well as amazing array of online classes currently available.

5. It’s good for your brain

Challenging your brain to pick up new steps and routines, as well as coordinating our bodies keep us sharp and focused. Studies have even shown that dancing on a regular basis is linked with a 76 per cent reduction in dementia risk. It boosts memory and brain function, which turn can slow down the ageing process. We strongly believe that dance is important for everyone, at every age, and we love to see such a range of ages in our classes.

So go ahead and get your groove on knowing you’re doing your health some good (but also just because you love it!)

We‘d love to know how dancing makes you feel? Get in touch with us at and share the ways in which dance is good for you.

Keep dancing and stay safe! Lots of Dancing Love from the DS Team.

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