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Alleyne Dance: Sweat and Passion

Friends of Dance Stables, the insanely talented twins, Sadé and Kristina Alleyne from Alleyne Dance, are having quite the year! Bringing their high-energy, physical dance style all over the world.

Kristina and Sadé Alleyne present Alleyne Dance, an internationally touring, innovative, modern, multi disciplined dance company based in London. Kristina and Sadé have worked with many companies across the years and trained in many genres of dance including traditional African dance, Hip Hop, Kathak, Latin and Circus Skills.

Originally athletes and having performed so beautifully in London 2012’s Opening Ceremony with Akram Khan, I asked the twins about their Olympic highlight so far this year in Rio 2016. Both talked about the power, artistry and athleticism of US gymnast Simone Biles. Her floor routine is really quite phenomenal!

Their experiences in athletics and their UK based training have helped the twins mould their dynamic, fast, physical dance style and technique. Teaching as a duo, they fuse their strengths gained from their different journeys/experiences as dance artists to create a successful and knowledgeable environment to lead the sessions. As twin sisters they click as a duo and believe that they can give each participant double the attention, knowledge, advice and inspiration during the sessions.

We asked Sadé about their association with our work, who said,

Cara Horsley is a remarkable individual. She has an infectious smile and positivity in her work. Detailed but yet full of passion. Both myself and Kristina have worked under Cara wings. Each participant in her lessons are beautifully engrossed in her work. Challenging and yet useful for self development and for a growing awareness of the body. We support Dance Stables and look forward to work with the company in the future.”

I am extremely proud to announce that Alleyne Dance will be visiting our Dance Stables Kids Academies this academic year – to bring their words of wisdom, eye for detail, passion and signature energy to Dance Stables. Dates to be confirmed later in the year, it will certainly be a highlight!

The Company have been involved with, Dance Mission (San Francisco, USA), GLL Sportathon (London, UK), B40 Youth Group, Academy of Performing Arts (London, UK), CAT Schemes (London/ Nottingham/ Birmingham/ Manchester/ Leeds), Dance 4 (Nottingham, UK), Bird College (London, UK), The Brits School of Performing Arts and Technology (UK), Hot House Dance (UK), Turnstyles (UK), Vocab Dance Company (UK),London Studio Centre’s Saturday Associate Programme, Sanjuta Banerjee Youth Groups, Aakash Odedra, Aditi Mangaldas and GDA Professional Class.

Alleyne Dance in 2016 have been involved with Fontys Dance Academy (Tilburg, NL), CodArts (Rotterdam, Belgium), Open Dutch Convention (Amsterdam), Deltebre Dansa (Spain), In Love Festival (Toronto), Karlovac Dance Festival (Croatia) and will be returning to HJS Summer Intensive (Amsterdam, NL), Impulstanz Festival 2016 (Vienna, Austria). Alleyne Dance is currently in creation for Alleyne Dance’s first duet, which snippets have been previewed at London’s MOVE IT Festival 2016 and have performed in London, Spain, Toronto and Vienna in summer 2016. For more info on the work of Alleyne Dance, please visit or follow their social media, with up to date videos of these talented twins artistic journey.

We wholeheartedly support the work of Alleyne Dance here at Dance Stables, and are proud to have such incredible talents associated with our work.

Want to join the twins at their week of ALLEYNE DANCE INTENSIVE TRAINING from 24th October- 28th October 2016, at Academy Performing Arts, Artillery Square, London, Woolwich SE18? Alleyne Dance invites you to join them in a studio for a weeks intensive training alongside the company as they continue in their creation of 'A Night's Game’. The day will consist of Company Class, Learning Repertoire and a Creative Session from 10am-2pm £14 per day. This will be a physical day which will involve strong, complex and technical sequences in and out of the floor, focusing on performance/stamina and commitment throughout the session, improvisation will also be explored as part of self development. The significant factors for the workshop are to develop the dancers’ creative mind, drive from passion, determination, strength, musicality and most importantly an intention/honesty in whatever choice they make throughout the session. Definitely a week, full of Sweat and Passion, not to be missed!

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