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Dance Stables Ballet Grading and Syllabus Explained:


Dance Stables Ballet Grading aims to support the DS Academy syllabus & learning while providing a grading scheme where candidates can progress & develop their Dance understanding & skill. We have introduced our grading to classes to show children's development and understanding of their Balllet learning, with a focus on self-expression and confidence in performing.


You will progress through a ‘rainbow’ of DS Horseshoe grades in colour order, & are open to all ages.​​​​​


Dance Stables grades are assessed by DS official examiners and guest assessors, after sufficient class time & candidate development.  Everyone who passes their Horseshoe grade will receive an official DS certificate and rosette.  To be entered into an assessment, you must be taught by a Dance Stables teacher.  ​​​​​​​​​​

Candidates can be assessed with or without music.  Dance Stables uniform must be worn in all DS classes and assessment days.  Get in touch for information on examination requirements and fees.

Please note:

DS Kids Academy assessments will run from 9.00 am until 3.00 pm at our Wood Green location.​​

Why no music?


Our bespoke Dance Stables Ballet classes meet a variety of interests and needs and can be taught with or without music.  The ‘no music’ option is tailored to meet the needs of diverse and religious communities, where children and adults may not have had the opportunities to engage in this type of activity before. The classes are great exercise, and an opportunity to develop motor skills, coordination and posture.  Fun, friendly and progressive, our Ballet and fitness classes will be filled with games, exercises and sequences.  

We also provide a specially designed, long sleeved DS uniform which can be worn at our classes.

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